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Im "EBV-Carré" in Aachen

Schumacherstraße 14

(corner of Peterstraße)

D-52062 Aachen


Tel +49 (0)241 - 94 37 90 44

Fax +49 (0)241 - 94 37 90 45


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The Dental Clinic for Implantology, Periodontology and Prosthetics is a new dental complex located in the "EBV Carré" in the heart of Aachen, Germany. A car park under the building provides convenient access to the surgery. The Dental Clinic is a centre of competence where various types of dental treatment can be carried out by specialists in their respective fields, all under one roof. The focus is on the provision of treatment in a pleasant and relaxing, personal atmosphere. In addition to general dental treatment, the range of therapy provided at the Dental Clinic also includes the following special areas:

■    systematic treatment of periodontal diseases and loose teeth
■    professional dental hygiene and prophylaxis
■    plastic / aesthetic correction and restoration of periodontal disorders
■    minimal-invasive filling therapy and full-ceramic restorations
■    bone reconstruction measures
■    restoration of the masticatory system with modern prosthetic restorations ...
■    ... especially by means of dental implants

The main focus of implant therapy is on improvement of the stability of dentures, restoration of fixed dentures, and high-quality cosmetic restoration of front teeth, also with computer-aided planning. Treatment under anaesthesia is also available.

Dr. C. Hammächer
Primary focus implantology
Specialist for prosthetics (DGZPW)
Lectureship at the Department of Dental Prosthetics and Materials Science / Aachen University Hospital

Dr. J. M. Stein
Specialist for periodontology (M.Sc.) Teaching and research activities at
the Department of Preventive
Dentistry / Aachen University Hospital

Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. h.c. H. Spiekermann †
Former Director of the Department of Dental Prosthetics / Aachen University Hospital

Since 1999, Dr. Hammächer has been acquiring and accumulating competence and expertise through his clinical activities and his specialisation in the fields of implantology and prosthetics, and has been passing this know-how on in numerous training seminars. In addition to a lectureship at the Department of Dental Prosthetics and Materials Science at Aachen University Hospital, he is also a consultant for the DGI/APW (German Society of Implantology / German Academy of practice and science) curricula "Implantology" and "Implant Prosthetics".

Dr. Stein is specialised in the field of periodontology. Through his teaching and research activities at the Department of Dental Health, Periodontology and Preventive Dentistry, and through his postgraduate training, he is eminently qualified in this area and has been passing his knowledge on in a range of lectures and training events and through his activities as an author and publisher of specialist literature.

As the long-time former Director of the Department of Dental Prosthetics at Aachen University Hospital, Prof. Spiekermann brought a wealth of experience and competence in the fields of implantology and prosthetics with him to the Dental Clinic. He passed away on 30 Sept. 2009. The whole team at the Dental Clinic mourns the loss of such an outstanding personality and specialist, who, as a teacher, a mentor, a colleague, a manager and a friend, did so much to shape and enrich our practice. We will always be grateful for the time we spent together.

The range of therapy offered is extended by further colleagues specialised in paedodontics, aesthetic dentistry and modern techniques of root-canal treatment. Along with close orthodontic-surgical cooperation, the spectrum of services in our Dental Clinic is rounded off by a specialist in dermatology who deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the skin of the face and the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. For patients suffering from mandibular joint complaints, supplementary therapy by a physiotherapist / osteopath is also available in the Dental Clinic.
Since the dentists are both active as trainers, the Dental Clinic is also a venue for training seminars for dentists. This ensures that the dental treatment provided here is truly state-of-the-art. It is the only practice in the greater Aachen area where implantology training for dentists in the curricular frameworks of the DGI/APW takes place.